Get set for the NEW YEAR with the BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP Challenge

BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP 30-Day Challenge is the perfect way for you and you kids to start the new year. Each year I annually take my own 200 push-ups per day challenge.


I know many of us may find doing a push-up a daunting task. After all, it takes so much upper body strength to complete this awesome body weight exercise. The BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP challenge is designed for everyone. It breaks the push-up down using nine different exercise (each with an active GIF demonstrating proper form), allowing participants to gradually build enough strength over time to complete a perfect traditional push-up. I use this challenge with my students each year with jaw dropping results.

Although I like to use it in January, the BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP Challenge can be used anytime!

After completing the 30-day challenge, reward yourself or your students with a certificate of participation.


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